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Re-Elect  Fatima Alleyne, PhD
Area 1
Contra Costa County Board of Education 2020

  • Strong Fiscal Management and Oversight:  In order for us to maintain our strong financial position we need someone like me, with financial acumen, who will ensure the Contra Costa County Office of Education maintains a balanced budget with appropriate reserves.  
         This is my priority because the role of the county office is to support our local school districts in financial crises such as those like West Contra Costa Unified School District, which has a ~$48 million deficit.

  • Our Youth can Achieve Excellence:  A board member who believes in students, can lead efforts to help students achieve excellence and success. 
          While many of our students require additional support, whether it is a number of disciplinary infractions, special education services, and our re-entry services to address the inequities prevalent in our public education system, they can all achieve if they have leaders like me who believe in them.​

  • Transparency and Accountability:  Through stakeholder engagement and consistent data monitoring, we can ensure Local Control & Accountability Plan (LCAP) funds are spent to support teachers and students.

  • Increase Access and Opportunities:  It is essential that we adequately prepare our students for the future. Thus, it has been my priority to continue to increase students’ access to post-secondary programs like college and career and technical education (CTE) courses at local high school sites (AB 288) by investing funds back in the classroom and outside of administrative expenses.

  • Data Driven Decision-Making:  Decision-making, by using and carefully examining data and developing SMART goals and metrics, is key to improving student achievement and college readiness and advancing equity initiatives.  Sharing and publicizing best practices for teachers and staff development for members of our county and state will further advance our work.

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Candidate Statement

Re-elect Alleyne to Contra Costa

Dr. Fatima Alleyne with David J. Johns, Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. Sept. 14, 2016

Fatima canvassing with supporters, 2016

Fatima Alleyne Ph.D., State Educator / Research Scientist

​​Education Board      10/16/2020
... Alleyne, a mother of four with a doctorate in materials science and engineering, is thoughtful and substantive ... And, when it comes to her work on the county board, she puts a high priority on smart fiscal management with adequate reserves to prepare for economic downturns like the current one. ...
     And, on charter schools, they recognize that some provide innovative alternatives to poor-performing traditional schools and that other charters are poorly run and don’t deserve permission to operate. Neither trustee has been a rubber stamp for charter schools. ... Alleyne  has taken her concerns about some charters a step further ... to ensure transparency ... and an appeals process for students facing expulsion.” ...