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Re-Elect  Fatima Alleyne, PhD
Area 1
Contra Costa County Board of Education 2020

•  In 2018 I organized a four-part Special Education workshop series in West Contra Costa County to support families and foster collaboration between the district and parents/guardians.

•  In 2018, I convened an expert panel at the Contra Costa County School Boards Association meeting to discuss ways in which to ensure school safety through teaching students proper internet etiquette, implementing district level controls on internet access, and creating a system of mental health interventions for students. Trustees and superintendents were provided with access to more than 27 credible resources.

•  After nomination and election by my colleagues on the Contra Costa County Board of Education, from 2017 to 2019, I served as a member of the CSBA Delegate Assembly and director of the CCBE Board of Directors for Region 7. 

•  In December 2017 I became the first African-American to serve as president of the Contra Costa County Board of Education. I am also the first African American elected to represent West Contra Costa on the County Board of Education. As president, I was the first to recognize contributions of all members of our community, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

•  In September 2017 I successfully completed the Masters in Governance (MIG) program designed to equip board members and superintendents with the knowledge and skills to build and support an effective governance structure. The program includes core governance principles that have made it the standard for board member professional development across the country.

•  Since 2017, I have worked collaboratively with my colleagues to update our antiquated board policies (from 1983) so they are up-to-date and more reflective of current laws.

•  Fulfilling my commitment to West Contra Costa, I have served ethically by voting in accordance with law, not accepting any special interest funds or adjudicating any matters that could be perceived as conflicts of interest.

•  I have advocated in Sacramento and public events for the advancement of quality public education for all families independent of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or zip code, as well as resources and living wages for teachers.   

•  Read every single word of every single charter petition brought forth to the county board since my appointment in 2016 (500 minimum pages per petition).

I have been advocating on education issues in West Contra Costa for 13 years. As a parent with four of my own children I care deeply about the value of public education and the importance that All children deserve a great education to help them be successful in their careers and in life. I have no political agenda, except to advocate, support, and advance parents’ and students’ access to quality public education and resources and living wages for teachers.

My goals include increasing accountability and transparency at the county level, advocating for full funding of education at the state level, providing workshops and trainings for parents and guardians, and seeking input from the community by listening to the concerns of students, parents and teachers.

•  Serving as a member of the "Fund Education Now" planning committee to advocate and bring awareness to the insufficient funding for public education.

•  Given that the majority of our students served in our court schools (where we provide educational services to incarcerated youth) come from West Contra Costa County, I have held and continue to hold meetings with stakeholders to identify strategies to reduce the number of students served and increase opportunities for success in their home schools.

• I have worked and continue to work collaboratively with our teacher's union, charter schools, staff, board members, and county superintendent to develop a template for memorandum of understanding and schedules. Setting clear and consistent expectations for our currently authorized charter schools, as well as any potential petitioners, and support the COE staff in their evaluation of charter schools and petitions and schedules for the appropriate oversight

•  From February 2018 to spring 2019, served as a member of the California School Boards Association (CSBA) Governance Study Group which was charged to review the effectiveness of CSBA’s current governance model in meeting CSBA’s priorities by identifying best practices for governance and comparing those practices to CSBA’s current model.

•  In 2018, supported CSBA and the California County Boards of Education (CCBE) in redesigning and strengthening the training/professional development programs to provide more opportunities for new and veteran county board members from across the state to participate in appropriately designed MIG (Masters in Governance) trainings.

•  My advocacy for equitable practices and culturally-relevant curricula in our court schools led to board adoption of Reading with Relevance.

•  Since 2018, by request of the CCBE presidents, I have served on the CCBE Conference Planning Committee.  This conference is where members of county offices of education’s governance and management teams convene to discuss key county education topics and address major county issues.

•  At the 2018 CSBA Annual Education Conference, I was a co-presenter on the topics of board governance (Beyond Adoption: Effective Implementation of Board Policies) and safety in schools - a toolkit on internet etiquette, mental health interventions (Contra Costa SBA: Safety in Our Schools).

•  Successful completion of the four-part equity series established by the county superintendent in 2017 and completed the series in 2018.

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Advocating for Public Education by Prioritizing Students & Teachers

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