Dr. Fatima Alleyne
Contra Costa County Board of Education
​Area 1

The BlackBoard of West Contra Costa

Candidate Statement

"We have had many opportunities to listen to Fatima share her positions on a variety of issues. We have observed her energy, determination, and commitment to improve policies relevant to African American children in West Contra Costa School District and the greater Bay Area.  Fatima's leadership and research skills will benefit all children and their families who live and attend schools in West Contra Costa.  It is with much pleasure that The BlackBoard endorses Fatima, as a candidate for County Board of Education."
           – Gloria Scoggins
             President of The BlackBoard of WCC

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"We need more people like you in office in order to move California forward." 

​​"To be of good service to our community, our servants must begin by operating from a place of integrity and with an intention to serve all students. Fatima Alleyne holds both of these qualities. That is why I endorse her."

       – Mina Wilson
          Community Advocate

"The role of members of the County Board of Education is very important in terms of oversight of Districts, support services to District and appeal process for parents and students. It is time to have a representative that can relate and support all segments of the West County communities, that is why I am supporting Dr. Fatima Alleyne, a strong, furious advocate for education excellence".

       – Scottie Smith

         Educational Advocate and
         BlackBoard of WCC Vice President

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